Lawyers, accountants and other advisors involved with trusts issues will be aware that the individual trustees and beneficiaries will be subject to the legislation and tax regimes in their country of residence, irrespective of wherever their trust is executed. There are often Israeli regulatory compliance issues that trustees and their advisors need to be aware of if a trust has an Israel connection.

Philip Braude has extensive experience in assisting clients in ensuring that their family’s offshore trust benefits are correctly structured and accurately reported. He also advises on the different issues that may affect U.S. beneficiaries of Israeli or international trusts, and Israeli-resident beneficiaries of Australian family trusts.

Many of these rules will apply to trusts executed before any of the relevant individuals has moved to Israel. When advising Olim and potential new immigrants to Israel, Philip Braude asks them whether they are involved in any trust arrangements that may need to be adjusted to take into account their new domicile, in order to flag up potential future problems.

As a member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, Philip keeps up to speed with developments in different jurisdictions that may be relevant to his clients and the clients of financial institutions and law offices with whom he works. He also has an international network of STEP members to whom he can turn if he has questions relating to other jurisdictions.

Please contact Philip Braude directly to discuss any issues concerning trusts.


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