ISA License

Israel Securities AuthorityPhilip Braude holds an Investment Marketers License, issued by the Israel Securities Authority and has done since 2002.

As such, Philip Braude engages in investment marketing (not investment advising), as defined by the “Investment Counseling, Investment Marketing and Portfolio Management Law (2005)”.  Philip Braude currently holds Terms of Business Agreements, and utilises the product offering of the institutional bodies listed here.  These agreements provide, inter alia, for Philip Braude to receive referral commissions in respect of investment business referred to them by Philip Braude.  In terms of the provisions of the “Investment Counselling, Investment Marketing and Portfolio Management Law (2005)”; such receipts of referral commissions constitute a “connection” with the performance of a transaction, and thus require Philip Braude to hold a valid Investment Marketers License in order to comply with the provisions of the law.

When structuring clients’ financial affairs, Philip Braude will, inter alia, relate to financial and investment products contained within the product offering of the financial institutions with which he holds Terms of Business Agreements.

Click here for a copy of Philip Braude’s Investment Marketer License.

The following is a list of institutional bodies represented.



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